aelf Public Testnet and Supporting Features

The Testnet is a high-performance test network supporting multi-chain and multi-consensus features.

It provides complete modular development components, smart contract development tools and development documents. The cross-chain cooperation mechanism based on a multi-level main/sidechain system supports the transfer interaction between chains. The stable parallel operation system ensures high transaction processing performance. Based on the scalability and flexibility of sidechains, developers can easily develop and deploy decentralized applications with independent economic systems.
Join the Testnet
Experienceable functions and supporting application tools:

• Build local test environments, test nodes and sidechains;
• Users can write, publish and execute smart contracts, ultimately building their own blockchain systems;
• Use the development template to create DApps based on the aelf blockchain system;
• Apply for the creation and use of test wallets to conduct multi-asset same chain/cross chain transactions;
• Query main/sidechain block and transaction details through Explorer.

The Testnet is open to anyone, providing unrestricted access and participation. Participants can also take part in the production node testnet election. Successful candidates will receive the aelf Foundation certification and be recommended by the official channels.
Testnet extensions and applications
Thank you for checking out the aelf Testnet, we welcome any feedback or suggestions!
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