aelf is a digital asset technological parent company, with a focus on the generation of digital assets and the development of its blockchain ecosystem,includes aelf public chain、Oracle and DeFi protocol and etc,.
We are building
a full-functional blockchain infrastructure to support the blooming field while to connect with existing ecosystems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
aelf Team
The company innovated multi-level decentralized projects, including aelf mainnet, aelf oracle, diversified DeFi contracts, and many more.
Core Team Members
aelf Clubs gather users and organizations together by holding different activities,events and discussions.
Participate in Governance
Development Roadmap
Stage I : aelf Project Launch
· Release aelf White Paper
· Launch ELF token
· Launch Candy System
Stage Ⅱ : Basic Function Development
· Build AEDPoS consensus mechanism
· Complete parallel processing function
· Launch aelf Testnet
Stage Ⅲ : Core System Development
· Build economic model
· Build main chain and side chain system
· Prepare mainnet launch
Stage Ⅳ :Official Mainnet Launch
· Elect mainnet nodes
· Finish TokenSwap
· Launch mainnet
Join Us
If you are interested in working at aelf, please send your resume to email [email protected]