ELF (mainnet token) Distribution Plan
ELF is the main token in the aelf network. The total amount of issuance is 1 billion. After the mainnet goes online, the Genesis Block will release 88% of the ELF (880 million), which will be used for the token swap in the future. The remaining 12% (120 million) will be the mining rewards. In other words, the ELF-ERC 20 Token currently owned by the holder will not be affected.Regarding the whereabouts of the 88% of total ELF, we have the following plans:
  • Observational Stage
    • Main chain and sidechain start
    • Exchanges switch to mainnet
    • Mainnet surfing
  • Token Swap
    • All ERC-20 ELF will swap to the aelf mainnet.
  • Improvement
    • With the establishment of the aelf DAO Management Committee, it will be up to the DAO committee to decide the ownership of the remaining ELF in the parliamentary organization.