aelf Mainnet is Live

Innovative Cross-Chain Interoperability; Elegant Multi-level Main-Side Chains Structure; Unlimited scalability, leading in Blockchain 3.0 era with unique cross-chain technology.
Business model
Simultaneously Make Progress in Mainnet and ECO
Mainnet Launch Master Plan
Mainnet Security Monitoring
• Main chain and sidechain will be launched step by step
• Gain token swap access to mainstream exchanges
• Try out the Mainnet Features
Mainnet Token Swap
• Unlock the mainnet token and enable the token transfer feature
• Initiate token migration
• Cooperate with mainstream exchanges to swap tokens for token holders
Node Election
• Host mainnet node election campaign
• DApps go live in succession
Mainnet Improvement
• Replace all nodes with elected parties
• Election of the aelf DAO management committee
• Host DApp development contest
Mainnet Stabilization
• Achieve the auto-governance of the aelf ecosystem
ELF (mainnet token) Distribution Plan
ELF is the main token in the aelf network. The total amount of issuance is 1 billion. After the mainnet goes online, the Genesis Block will release 88% of the ELF (880 million), which will be used for the token swap in the future. The remaining 12% (120 million) will be the mining rewards. In other words, the ELF-ERC 20 Token currently owned by the holder will not be affected.Regarding the whereabouts of the 88% of total ELF, we have the following plans:
  • Observational Stage
    • Main chain and sidechain start
    • Exchanges switch to mainnet
    • Mainnet surfing
  • Token Swap
    • All ERC-20 ELF will swap to the aelf mainnet.
  • Improvement
    • With the establishment of the aelf DAO Management Committee, it will be up to the DAO committee to decide the ownership of the remaining ELF in the parliamentary organization.

aelf Mainnet Ecosystem

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