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aelf DAO-Decentralized Autonomous Organization

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Node governance
In the aelf ecosystem, production nodes are not only responsible for block production, but also for maintaining the healthy development of aelf as a whole. In the initial stage, 17 production nodes will be set, followed by an additional 2 each year (number of nodes = 2n + 1, n = 8 in the first year, increasing by 1 each year). The top 17 nodes ranked by votes are elected as production nodes.
Application process
Step I
Open the 'node election' page in the Explorer section
Step Ⅱ
Stake 100,000 ELF
Step Ⅲ
Fill in your node information
Step Ⅳ
Complete the application, start marketing campaign, and appeal for votes
Sidechains and DApps goverance
Resource tokens are used to consume resources when the developer payment chain or DApp is running. Developers need to ensure that there are enough resource tokens to keep the chain or DApp running. Users can use ELF to buy or sell resource tokens through the aelf Block Explorer.
resource tokens purchase and use
Users can buy or sell resource tokens on the Purchase Resources page of the aelf Explorer.
Ecology Management
The aelf proposal features the best solution, stablizing the aelf ecosystem in the most efficeint way.
If you have a project or idea that could help improve the ecosystem
Submit Proposal